The Almonry Restoration Project

The Almonry needs your help.  After 600 years, the building is in desperate need of repair and restoration.  The timber frame is failing, the stonework needs attention and the roof needs replacing; in short, we must save this building.

In 2016, Historic England placed the Almonry on the Heritage At Risk Register. The register helps to identify buildings that are at risk of being lost. You can read our listing on the Heritage At Risk Register on the Historic England website.

What’s the plan?

The plan is to carry out a 2-phase project.  Phase 1 will see the repair and restoration of the Almonry building.  We will fix the timber frame, repair the walls, and replace the roof; we will install new rainwater goods, fix the windows, repoint the stonework and remove internal modern C20th stud walling that hides the beauty of the building.  Alongside this we will be installing new energy efficient lighting and heating to make the space warmer, more welcoming and more sustainable. 

In Phase 2 will bring about the refurbishment of the museum, and the remodelling of the shop and the Tourist Information Centre.  We will improve access to the building where possible and build more toilets! The origins and heart of the Almonry lies in caring, giving and supporting others.  We believe the future of the Almonry lies within this ethos.  Working together, new displays will be created, and new stories will be told.  There will be spaces for our communities to come together and share their stories.  You will be actively involved in co-curating these new spaces, in telling your stories and creating new experiences.  It is our belief that this is your museum, and you are essential to its future and achieving this aim.

But we can’t do this alone.  Phase 1 alone has been costed at over £2m.  Your help is needed to save this building and museum.  We are applying for major funding grants and we have been successful in securing support funding to develop the project but there is a long way to go.

Where are we now?

In the last 3 years we have raised over £90,000 to facilitate new surveys and studies to examine the extent of the works needed.  We are working with experts from Historic England and experts in historic building repairs and maintenance as well as colleagues from Wychavon District Council.  We are receiving the very best advice and support to ensure the works we are planning are appropriate and in keeping with the historic nature of the building and surrounding conservation area.

During February 2024 we will be investigating the roofs and walls more closely to determine construction methods and materials used. We will be carrying out archaeological research and even bringing in an expert to examine paint residue on historic timbers.  New funding options are being explored from multiple Trusts and Foundations as well as sourcing major funding options for larger grants.

Over to You. How can you help?

You can go shopping!  The Almonry is on Easy Fundraising, sign up and select the Almonry as your good cause.  We earn money for the online shopping you do, and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Download the app, sign up at or scan the QR code and follow the link.  Don’t forget to download the browser extension to remind you to use the Easy Fundraising every time you shop.

You can donate in person at the Almonry or via this link or click the green button.

You can hold a fundraiser or get sponsored to do something different like our pilgrims did! If you have any suggestions or if you would like to organise a fundraiser for us, please get in touch with the Almonry Manager

You can sing it from the rooftops! Please share our story.  We understand that not everyone can help us financially, but you can share our story and let people know that we need their help. 

We are grateful to have received funding from Wychavon UK Shared Prosperity Fund and from Historic England for the Enabling Works 2024.