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School Visits

A School visit to the Almonry can enrich learning in exciting ways, providing access to experts and to genuine artefacts, giving an experience unlike anything in a classroom!

We run a variety of quality workshops with the emphasis on interactive, hands-on activities for pupils to explore and enjoy local and national history.

We offer a range of formats that can be adapted for your visit:

  • Themed Full Workshop Days: Four 45minute-1hour talks spread throughout the day covering the topics of your choice.
  • Themed Workshop Half Days: Start with a 45minute-1hour talk/workshop with one of our experts. The session is followed by a Self-Led Visit around the Almonry Museum (without a guide).
  • One Hour Workshop Sessions: A 45min- 1hr talk/workshop with one of our experts from the Museum.
  • School Visits: Schools are welcome to bring classes around the Museum and lead their own visit.


Choose from the following Full Workshop Days:

Simon de Montfort/ Battle of Evesham

  • Arms & Armour– Try on and learn about what people would have worn and fought with during the battle of Evesham.
  • Battlefield Tour– A Guided Tour of the Abbey grounds and historic town centre, explaining what exactly happened during the Battle of Evesham.
  • Squire School– Interactive workshop in the Almonry garden: Learn how to use spears & shields and fight as a combined medieval unit!
  • Life on Campaign– Covering the civilian aspects of the battle: Learn about food & drink, clothing, battlefield medicine and the roles of women & civilians.

Medieval Monastery/Medieval Evesham & Evesham Abbey 800- 1543

  • Abbey Tour – A guided tour of the Abbey grounds by one of our experts, examining the Dissolution that took place in the 1530s.
  • ‘Feast’ – An interactive look at food & drink as well as dining conventions of a medieval monastery
  • Illuminated Text – Make beeswax candles, learn how to write with quills.
  • ‘Herbs & Remedies’ – Learn about Medieval medicines, the science behind the remedies of the period.

Alternatively, we offer Half Days consisting of: One Workshop Session with an expert from the Museum (45mins- 1hr) on arrival, followed by a self-led visit around the Museum, without a guide.

1 Hour Workshop Options:

  • Victorian Home– An interactive look at domestic Victorian life, examining the food, clothes and daily chores while comparing and contrasting with life today.
  • Victorian Schoolroom- A lesson in Victorian values taught by our resident Schoolmaster, in our popular Victorian classroom.
  • Archaeology- Using real artefacts and archaeological techniques, discover history with your own hands.
  • Saxon Burial-A detailed look at Anglo Saxon grave goods: use real archaeological methods to discover what they can tell us about our ancestors and how they lived.

*Individual workshops from Simon de Montfort & Medieval Evesham/ the Abbey, can also be arranged.

We offer several packages catering for both smaller and larger groups, that can be adapted to meet the needs of your class. Get in touch for price lists and costs.


Alternatively, we can bring the history to you! If you’re interested in booking any of our workshops but are unable to travel to the Almonry, we are able to teach a selection of our offered workshops in your own classroom!* Please contact us for details on our outreach programme (*Conditions apply)

Booking Workshop Days & School Visits

If you are planning to book a visit, get in touch with us in advance for a free familiarisation tour for teachers, where all your requirements can be discussed to provide the best possible trip for the students.

Packed lunches may be eaten in the Almonry Garden, or the Abbey Park. In the event of inclement weather, indoor facilities can be provided.

To ensure safety and smooth running of your visit we ask that you bring appropriate adult supervision for the group.

Please get in touch with us for further information about accessibility and risk assessment policies & forms.

Loan Boxes

Our Loan boxes incorporate genuine artefacts, replica items, teaching resources, display materials, games, music, and items of costume. They provide an excellent form of classroom support to topics. Get in touch with us for a detailed list of contents, and to discuss your requirements.

We charge £10.00 per Loan Box, for a period of 4 weeks *

Loan Boxes are themed around the following categories:

  • The Victorian Home
  • The Victorian School
  • Toys Through the Ages

*All charges are exclusive of VAT. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Picture Albums

Photo albums of local history & interpretation.  Choose from the following:

  • River Avon
  • Shopping Around
  • Friends United
  • Going for a Ride
  • Life’s Rich Tapestry

Loan of Picture Albums is for a period of 2 weeks. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, and for prices. 

Reminiscence Boxes

These boxes have been specifically designed for use within nursing homes and with groups who support people living with Dementia.  Each box consists of 3 photo albums: The themes can be mixed & matched from the following:

  • River Avon
  • Shopping Around
  • Friends United
  • Going for a Ride
  • Life’s Rich Tapestry

Loan of Reminiscence Boxes is for a period of 2 weeks. These boxes are Free of charge.


For further information about any of our Schools packages, Workshops and Loan Boxes don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Senior Museum Assistant

Tel: 01386 446944