Restoring the Almonry

In 2016, Historic England placed the Almonry on the Heritage At Risk Register. The register helps to identify buildings that are at risk of being lost, in the case of the Almonry through decay.

You can read our listing on the Heritage At Risk Register here

Last year we were fortunate enough to recieve funding from Historic England via the Culture Recovery Fund to pay for a series of in depth surveys on the fabric of the building.

Over 2 days, surveyors and historic building experts took measurements, photos and analysed nearly every inch of the Almonry. The reports show that the Almonry now needs full restoration to preserve it.

The scope of the restoration is huge. Examples of the work needed include the Costwold stone roof that has reached the end of it’s life and needs to be completely replaced. Parts of the timber frame will need replacing and modern cement mortar that has been used to repoint the stonework will need removing.

We have been repairing the Almonry as and when necessary but now we need to press ahead with a full restoration project.

What would the project involve?

Alongside the restoration of the building, we want to refurbish the museum. This means new energy efficient lighting and heating throughout the building. We will refurbish the museum with new display cases, new displays and exhibtion areas and refit our musuem stores. We will also remodel the gift shop and Tourist Information Centre and improve our toilet facilities. One of the most important aspects of the project will be to look at our accessibility; as a Grade 1 listed medieval building it’s not easy to make our building accessible to everyone so we will look at digital technologies and work with other mueums and experts to ensure we can share our stories with a broader audience.

The Almonry has lots of dark areas and steps to each room, making it difficult for some people to navigate their way around.

What happens now?

The next step is to apply to the National Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant. It is estimated that the restoration and refurbishment of the museum will cost at least £2m.

The first step is to submit and Expression of Interest. From there we will then submit a Development Phase application which will fund the development of the project by getting exact costings for the work needed alongside consultation with resisdents of Evesham and the Vale and with our visitors. Following the Development Phase a full application will be submitted for the project.

How can you help?

As part of our commitment to the project we will need to fundraise and match fund any grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Over the next few years we will be putting on events and activities to raise money to support the restoration fund. If you have any ideas or want to help in any way please contact the Almonry Manager, Ashleigh Jayes

Fundraising Events

Pilgrimage to Evesham – Meet Clive and Matt

‘We’re planning on walking from Tewkesbury Abbey to Evesham’s Almonry over Easter weekend, in 13th century clothing (and boots!) following as much as possible the latter part of a route used by Robert De Vere, Earl of Oxford in 1273, when he made a pilgrimage to Evesham. We’re hoping to help raise some money towards the urgent and extensive repair that the building needs. To that end I’m sharing the JustGiving page we’ve set up; any and all donations however small are amazing!’

To donate please click the link below