School Visits

At the Almonry Heritage Centre, children can explore and enjoy local and national history. We seek to provide quality workshops with the emphasis on interactive, hands-on activities.

“There is no substitute for seeing actual objects that were used in medieval times. We are lucky to have a centre so close.”
Swan Lane First School

A session at the Almonry can enrich History in exciting ways, providing access to experts and to genuine artefacts, giving an experience unlike anything in a classroom!

“I learnt a lot from Brother Oswald. I didn’t know they had to sleep on wooden boards. I would be cold with one thin blanket.”

We offer a variety of formats that can be tailor-made for your visit:

  • Themed Days (museum led) for Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Victorians, World War II, Local Study, Spotlight on Pottery.
  • Themed Half Days (museum led) for the above topics, plus Old and New, Toys, Tudors, Shapes and Patterns.
  • Workshop Sessions (museum led) include History Detective, Archaeology, Victorian Washday, Dressing the Past (costume), Evesham in the Past, Pottery, Observational Drawing.
  • School-led Visits – schools are welcome to bring classes around by themselves with the worksheets and trails provided by us.
“It was exactly the kind of experience I was looking for for the children – the chance to handle real Victorian artefacts to gain an understanding that life was different in Victorian times…”
Vale of Evesham Special School


Session Duration Cost
Themed day consisting of 4 workshops with a break for lunch (picnic area provided). 10am – 2.30pm £6 per child*
Themed Half Day consisting of 2 workshops. 10am – 12pm or
1pm – 3pm
£3.00 per child*
Workshop Sessions 60/90 mins £25.00 per class*
School-Led Visits Flexible £10.00 per class*

*All charges are exclusive of VAT.  VAT will be charged on the final invoice.

Please note, a minimum charge is applicable for small groups.

“Thank you very much. It was a wonderful day. I would recommend it to anyone.”
The Littletons CofE First School

Loan Boxes

These can incorporate genuine artefacts, replica items, teaching resources, display material, games, music and items of costume. They all provide an excellent form of classroom support to topics. A detailed list of contents is available upon request.

Loan Boxes are themed around the following categories:

  • Toys
  • House and Home
  • Victorian Household
  • Victorian Washday
  • World War II

The hire of a loan box is £10 for four weeks*.

*All charges are exclusive of VAT.  VAT will be charged on the final invoice.

“Thank you for taking us around the museum. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it. My class enjoyed it. It was fun.”
 “Great timing from one activity to another kept concentration. Good delivery. Well planned.”
St Richards CofE First School



If you are planning to book a visit, please call in advance for a free familiarisation with the Education Outreach Officer where all your requirements can be discussed to provide the best possible trip for the students.

To ensure safety and smooth running of your visit we ask that you bring adult supervision to the following levels:
KS1 – 1 adult to 5 pupils
KS2 – 1 adult to 7 pupils

Packed lunches may be eaten in the Almonry garden, or the Abbey Park. In the event of inclement weather, indoor facilities can be provided.

A copy of our Risk Assessment Form may be downloaded.

“I really enjoyed the museum. It was good fun because of all the different things there are to do.”